Regeneration Injection Therapy

Millions of Americans suffer from the pain and stiffness of the joints and tendons that is caused by inflammatory conditions. While these conditions may improve with rest and conservative therapy, chronic conditions may keep you sidelined for months, and require a more targeted therapy to address the underlying inflammation – encouraging your body to heal itself. Recent advances in regenerative medicine have revolutionized the treatment of these conditions by leveraging the distinctive restorative and healing components contained within the umbilical cord to reduce pain and to control inflammation.

CLARIX FLO is the only injectable therapy containing the regenerative properties of umbilical cord. This natural tissue-based therapy has been shown to be beneficial to the body’s own healing process.



Clarix syringe.png

For patients suffering from:

  • Inflammation (pain & swelling)
  • Restricted joint range-of-motion

  • Scar tissue formation

An injection of CLARIX FLO performed in our office may help lead you back on a path towards the active lifestyle you once enjoyed.


To learn more about CLARIX FLO regenerative therapy, please call our office at 864-558-0008 for additional information.